One of the main focuses of the show is our charity raffle and auction.  We have picked Foundation Blue as our official charity for the event.  Foundation blue was started back in 2011 after the passing of Alexi deRochambeau.  Alexi was a legend in the VW community and a friend to all.  His passing affected the whole community as well as family and friends.

Before Alexi had passed he was in the middle of building his project VW Golf( affectionately known as blue) which was a innovative project as you would expect from Alexi.  Being that Alexi touched so many peoples lives his friends decided to take it among themselves to finish project blue the way Alexi would have.

With the car finally finished Alexi’s parents decided to start the foundation and now with the help of friends they travel to car shows with project blue and raise funds for the foundation.  Their mission is to keep Alexi’s legacy alive and to give back to families and members of the car community that are in need.

Last year during Eurobuilt we held a charity auction with donations made by us and several other sponsors and friends.  By auctions end we raised $1900 for Foundation blue!

To learn more about the foundation and Alexi please visit their website at